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Air Conditioning Repair - Air Conditioning Questions
1.30 Is it possible for a home air conditioning unit to be the cause of its coils going bad?

Q. My Mom owns a Trane air conditioning unit and has had nothing but problems with it. She had the coil replaced on it a couple of years ago. Now a technician is telling her that the coils are bad again. They are telling her that there is something in the environment, her sprinkler system (sulfur), which is causing it to go bad. Does this explanation sound feasible? She uses well water for her sprinkler system but has had this sprinkler system for nearly 20 years. Before she had to get a new unit about 3 years ago she never had problems with the coil. Is it possible that the air conditioning unit itself could be causing the coils to go bad? i.e, a Freon leak or something.

A. Absolutely NO. I am sorry to say that many people like to lie about stuff that you dont know about and EXTORT money from you.The refrigerant contains oil which moves through the system with the refrigerant and a leak in the coil is very rare unless hit with a lawnmower or such. Also a leak can be repaired but ther is no profit in it and it takes time.I am an HVACRR Tech, 15 years and have heqard it all. You are welcome to contact me and I would love to have the Tech. (supposed) explain it to me!!! I will give you my phone number to have him call.

1.20 Can anyone recommend a good air conditioning repair company in Miami? The a/c appears to be leaking freon?

Q. The split A/c is not cooling. I called a tech and he changed a capacitor, charged freon and left. It worked fine for 3 days after that once again it stopped cooling. He did not check for leaks - simply said the unit needs to be replaced.

A. See the link.

1.20 Who can tell me about air conditioning parts or lead me to a good diagram?

Q. We are trying to fix the air conditioning at work (the landlord won't do anything) and need to replace some parts. We have the ducts and I have found out that the ducts are connected to the collars (male/female). The collars are then attached to a big square piece which then has the grille attached where the air goes out. Does anyone know what the big metal square piece is called? I've been looking online but so far, no luck. And if you know of any good diagrams illustrating this, that'd be great as well. Thanks!

A. You are referring to a supply air plenum. And the grill piece is called a supply register.

1.20 Anyone know of a good, yet reasonably priced air-conditioning repair service in Dallas?

Q. I think my AC unit is shot. I suspect the repair to be major, so cost is pretty important to me. Can anyone recommend a dependable repairman or repair service that won't gouge me? Thanks!!

A. Independent HVAC steve baser 214-724-1862

1.20 Air Conditioning Repair Services in Virginia?

Q. I want to repair my air condition can you guys suggest me which is best air condition repairing service provider in Virginia ?

A. You can contact .They will send professional technicians to your home for air conditioning repairs.They provide best ac repair services in Virginia.

1.20 If you knew about an air conditioning repair company in NJ that was cheap and reliable would you use them?

Q. Browns Heating & Cooling was the best experience for a NJ AC repair company I've ever had. They came to help last week, after I was referred to them, and they not only explained things (when I asked) thoroughly, they fixed the problem, told me how to deal with issues in the future without having to spend money, and were extremely well priced. I give them two thumbs up and recommend them to anyone with air conditioning issues.

A. Everyone I think is looking for reliable and honest business people to do business with. Yes.

1.20 Does anyone know a good Air Conditioning repair company around Schaumburg, IL?

Q. For a home.

A. No local advice for 2 days so go to the following site and pick a few. Then go to the next site to check them out:

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 Air Conditioning - Repair An air conditioner is a sophisticated piece of machinery, and AC repairs of your unit should be trusted only to a professional. Unless you have above average AC repair skills, it's not recommended that you attempt any air conditioner troubleshooting on your own. One of the biggest causes of air conditioner problems is improper maintenance. Keeping your unit clean and free of debris is something every home owner can do. Simply remove the protective cover, and clean dust and dirt off the condenser fins. Hose down the fins if necessary, taking care to avoid splashing water on the motor and wiring. Accumulation of dust on the fins can reduce the cooling efficiency of your unit. Major AC repair problems like compressor failure, can also develop.

 AC company in Portland, Oregon Improper installation of your air conditioner is also a leading cause of air conditioner problems. For instance, if your AC technician did not charge the correct amount of refrigerant during installation, the unit can quickly develop leaks. Improper operating procedures can also lead to air conditioner repair problems. For instance, switching air conditioners on and off frequently can cause the compressor and fan controls to wear out. if your air conditioner does not switch on immediately, check to see if the thermostat has been set to "cool". It should also be set to below the room temperature. Check if the breaker has tripped or if a fuse has blown. If you notice grinding noises in your blower, call your AC repair technician. Usually, it's a problem with improper belt alignment. If you notice pools of water accumulating next to the unit, check to see if there is a leak in one of the tubes. If not, it could be a problem with the pump.

AC repairs including AC heater repair, AC motor and compressor repair and other kinds of air conditioner troubleshooting are best left to qualified professionals. Get your air conditioner repairs performed only by licensed bonded and insured Portland AC repair technicians. To find reliable AC repair contractors in Portland, just fill out the form.

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I would like to know what type of AC unit I will need for a 1572 sqft home, then the price for it with installation. The old ac unit was stolen. Thank you.

Ben S

My Carrier AC unit is freezing up. The indicator on the thermostat states that it is the filter. I have changed the filters inside but I am unable to locate the 4 inch filter on the unit in the attic.

Darryl S


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