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I would like to know what type of AC unit I will need for a 1572 sqft home, then the price for it with installation. The old ac unit was stolen. Thank you.

Ben S

My Carrier AC unit is freezing up. The indicator on the thermostat states that it is the filter. I have changed the filters inside but I am unable to locate the 4 inch filter on the unit in the attic.

Darryl S

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Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning Questions
1.40 How do I fix the air conditioning in my house?

Q. The air conditioning in our house went out over night & last time it happened (about a month ago) we changed the filter & it worked again just fine. So, we changed the air filter agian, but this time no luck. it's not sucking in air where the filters go, any suggustions -- besides calling someone over to repair?

A. Either your fan/blower isn't working, or for some reason it isn't trying to run. Check breakers, and fuses. thermostat setting.

1.20 The difference between air conditioning and air conditioner?

Q. Could you please tell me the difference between air conditioning and air conditioner? I knew that we can say that "this car comes with an air conditioning" . How about the following sentence: Does your apartment has an air conditioning /conditioner? Does this building has an central air conditioning system?

A. As others have said, an air conditioner is the machine, air conditioning is the result. Note that the machine is an object, therefore countable--you need "an". "Air conditioning" is intangible, therefore non-countable--no "an". >>I knew that we can say that "this car comes with an air conditioning" . You would say just "comes with air conditioning" or "an air conditioning system". >>Does your apartment has an air conditioning /conditioner? (With a question using "do", don't conjugate the main verb) You can say "Does your apartment have air conditioning?" or "Does your apartment have an air conditioner?" >>Does this building has an central air conditioning system? Again, "have" not "has", and it's "a" rather than "an" ("an" only goes right before a vowel sound), but otherwise perfect. "System" is countable.

1.20 How common is air conditioning in Ireland?

Q. I happened to see a list of air conditioning contractors in Dublin. It was a surprisingly long list. My understanding is that it rarely goes above 21 celsius (70 fahrenheit) in the summer. It would be hard to justify the expense of air conditioning at temperatures like that. Is it humidity? Why so many people in the air conditioning business?

A. We tend to think of an air conditioner as a cooler or dehumidifier although modern air conditioners can heat and ventilate as well as cool the air in a reversed refrigeration cycle. While it is not very common to have air conditioning units in homes in Ireland, most modern commercial buildings have air conditioning. They may not be so obvious as most are installed in roof areas and operate through small vents in ceilings.

1.20 Where can I find a group or network of Refrigeration & Air conditioning technicians involved in the service?

Q. Network here in the philippies for refrigeration and air conditioning technician or mechanic? Especially those whore are in the network of auto car aircon repair shop.

A. In the right section.

1.20 What school can I go to in Visalia CA. to learn about heating and air conditioning services?

Q. Any school name with heating and air conditioning classes in visalia or tulare county would be nice.. thank you...

A. Heating and Refrigeration Schools and Colleges. San Joaquin Valley College- Fresno, CA Institute of Technlogy- Clovis, CA

1.20 Window air conditioning unit question?

Q. I live in an upstairs condo. I have a small window air conditioning unit. I was going to install it on a shelf outside the window, but my guys said it is fine sitting on the window ledge backed up to the screen of the window and lowering the window down on top of it, as it has exhaust and intake. Any air conditioning experts out there who could tell me if this is a less efficient way for it to run, or is it all right?

A. Unless things have changed, the screen is approx. 3 to 4 inches from window sash ( the glass) the unit is about 14-16 inches deep. they r designed to sit flush to the sash with the upper arm( brace) touching the bottom of the sash u raised to put the unit in.and the slides on the side of the unit slide over to cover the gaps. i think u would be wise to read the instructions and follow them.

1.20 How much would it cost to get my air conditioning fixed in my car?

Q. I need a quote on how much it would cost to get my air conditioning fixed in my car. I drive a 2000 murcury couger, and the air conditioning works great, its cold and everything, but it only works on the highest level. What could be wrong? How much would it cost to fix something like that?

A. Could be that it just needs a recharge. If that's the case, shop around for places that are having specials on A/C service. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, take it to a dealership unless you're told they are the ONLY ones who can fix it. Dealerships charge you top-dollar and do crappy work. You're better off trying someplace like Pep Boys or Midas or an oil change place or something like that, and again, wait until they're having a special on A/C service. If it just needs servicing, you could get out for under $100.00 to get it fixed. If it's almost out of coolant it may cost more. If it runs on the old Freon-12 coolant you'll have to get the entire A/C system replaced, and that costs around $1,000.00. Since it's a 2000, slim chance that it runs on the old Freon-12.

1.20 Outside central air conditioning unit on, blowing air, sometimes a lot, sometimes not, sometimes hot?

Q. I have an outside central air conditioning unit, it is approx. 80 degrees outside and extremely humid, also very hot inside the house with fans running. The air is set to 70*, yet the air coming out of the vents feels to be room temperature and is NOT cooling the house down. Approx. two months ago, the landlord had a technician come out, and he said we had a slow freon leak, and although he filled it with freon, I was told he did not fix the leak. What is causing the air conditioner to do this? I cannot go in 100* weather without air conditioning. Any help would be appreciated :) and thanks in advance!

A. It almost sounds like the tech overcharged the unit. Either way he is supposed to fix the leak. He was not supposed to add refrigerant to a system known to be leaking. Make sure the fan is working on the outside unit. If it is not the system has no way to remove the heat from your house. Ask your landlord to call a different tech out to look at it. This guy was a fool.

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